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What is the purpose of an adoption consultant?

As adoption consultants, we are often asked, “what exactly do you do?” If you have ever personally considered adoption, you know how complicated and frustrating it can be. This is where we can help by becoming your personal advocate! We have been in your shoes as we are each adoptive moms of two and know exactly how you feel. Between us, we have personal and professional experience working with various adoption entities throughout the country.

As your consultant, we provide:

-Education and resources to get you through each step of the adoption process. -Help creating your family profile book,

-Answers to your questions- yes, we answer the phone and respond to email anytime because babies come anytime, not just during business hours!

-We assess every situation and look for red flags to help lower the risks that can be involved with adoption.

-Guidance when communicating with adoption entities and the birth family.

-Decrease wait time as we provide the best exposure for our clients!

We work with many adoption entities across the country, all in adoption-friendly states. We send out many potential birth mother situations. Our clients can choose which situations that they would like to be considered for and yes, they can be shown as many times as they request! Please feel free to share with anyone who might be considering the adoption process. We are happy to assist anyone on this journey!

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