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"We were with a small agency for a year and did not receive any matches and the communication was pretty much non-existent. Prior to signing with this agency, we had spent a lot of time interviewing other agencies and attending information sessions. No one really "clicked" with us. We wanted to make the right choice. Clearly, we did not make the right choice. We also were told that we would receive more assistance after signing with this agency, which we did not. After spending money to sign with this agency and for our profile book (specific to their request and company), etc., we decided to speak with several adoption consultants. We had not even heard of a consultant. We contacted a few, but Tara stood out from them all! She responded to us right away and we had a very long phone conversation with her immediately. She answered all of our questions completely and gave us sound explanations and examples. Bottom line, she kept her word and we signed with her days later. Right away, we were already presented with a case and we were matched with the 2nd case that we were presented to just 6 weeks later. We also have to say that several other cases were continually being provided to us during the time that we signed with her until we were matched. We now have a son. We couldn't be happier. My husband and I being a bit older, were ready to make peace with the fact that we would never be parents prior to meeting Tara. We said we would give it 1 year and Tara by far exceeded our expectations. As you do your research, you will see that Tara has tons of experience and continually strives to provide the best service to all her clients. That is always communicating, whether it is early in the morning or later in the evening; calling you back right away; detailing everything you need to do; answering all your questions and holding your hand all the way during the journey. Her wealth of experience in adoption and the many issues surrounding adoption, etc. was extremely helpful. Some of this comes from her being an adoptive parent herself. She has solid relationships with adoption agencies that she trusts. One more added service is that she also offered to assist with reviewing and updating our profile book from the prior agency. She did a wonderful job! She goes above and beyond for her clients always and is very supportive and encouraging. We are now a complete family and are blessed for all that Tara did for us to complete our family. We highly recommend utilizing Tara AT BYSAC. Thank you again Tara!." S.S from VA

"I am very grateful for Tara's guidance and friendship throughout our adoption journey. She held my hand every step of the way, and always looked out for my best interest. She is extremely organized and very knowledgeable about all the little logistics that can be overwhelming about the journey (i.e., putting a profile book, what program should I use to create it?). Tara finds solutions and looks out for you.  We had an issue with our home study agency and we wanted to find a new one. Tara helped us find a new (and amazing) social worker." Erin from CA

"This was our first adoption. Tara educated us on the mechanics of the adoption process, but perhaps more importantly, the aspects of adoption birth mother interactions. Our trust in Tara was well placed. She assisted with the adoption profile book and in doing so, allowed us to have reasonable, but hopeful, expectations. We recommend Tara highly and would gladly use her services again."  Lynne & John, from VA

"Tara made our adoption experience a pleasant one. She is extremely knowledgeable about the adoption process and is willing to sit and answer any and all questions you may have. She walks you through each step of the process, offering support, information, and encouragement when needed. She gives her opinion, when asked, but operates in a truly judgement free manner-allowing you to make decisions based on what's best for your family. Due to our experience we would highly recommend Tara and her company for all of your adoption needs." Caitlin & Nick from GA

"Tara was there for us every step of the way through our adoption process. She has been through this journey herself, so she understood all the emotions we were going through. She always had our best interest in mind and constantly worked to find opportunities for us. Tara helped us determine which agencies and attorneys would best fit our family and helped us assess the risk of various adoption situations we were presented.
Her extensive experience with adoption meant we were more educated on the process than we would have been if we attempted this on our own.
Just under 7 months from beginning the adoption process, we became parents to the perfect baby boy. We are so thankful we had Tara to help us
on the path to parenthood!" Amber & Andrew from MO

"Adoption is scary and expensive and the risks involved aren't always transparent. Working with Tara helped to ease this incredibly stressful process. She is a fantastic communicator, which is so important when navigating adoption." A.M. from WI

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