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1. What is the advantage of working with an adoption consultant? As a consultant, I provide clients unlimited guidance and support; I educate clients on their adoption journey and help set realistic expectations as every adoption journey is unique. I am available at all times for any questions that might arise from situations clients encounter. I also work with adoption entities looking for adoptive families. My referral network embraces my clients because of the guidance and support I provide to them.

2. Do we have to be active in a church or have a religious affiliation to be a client of BYSAC? No.

3. What types of families do you work with? BYSAC works with all types of families (childless, with children (adopted or biological), same sex, and singles). If you have any questions as to age restrictions or state restrictions, please feel free to contact BYSAC with those questions.   

What happens if a client needs to talk to you, but it is "after hours" or on the weekend? My clients call me whenever they need me. This isn't a 9-5 job! I am available whenever they need me. If I am awake, then I will answer their call. 

5. How long does it take to adopt? This depends on the client. Factors that can affect the wait time include, but are not limited to, a client’s adoption budget and preferences (i.e., gender, race, ethnicity). Generally speaking, once a family becomes a client of BYSAC, it can take anywhere from 2 months to 12 months.

6. We want to adopt, but we are nervous about the financial risks involved. How you help us? As an adoptive parent  who had a failed adoption and lost a significant amount of money, I can relate to this statement. Therefore, I evaluate all information I receive and do my due diligence as part of my services to my clients.

7. How do I know if the expectant parent(s) will follow through with the adoption plan? The short answer is that you don’t know.  There are no guarantees in adoption. Unfortunately, disruptions happen. As someone who has experienced a disruption, I understand the financial loss and emotional roller coaster that a family can experience. My goal is to make the adoption process as easy as possible while reducing your risk of heartache and financial loss.

8. Do you provide information about adoption loans, grants, and fundraising? Yes. Also, check with your employer to see if they offer any adoption reimbursement.

9. What do we need to do if we are interested in applying to be a client of BYSAC? Families need to have a completed home study in order to fill out an application with BYSAC. This will lengthen your usable time with BYSAC. If you have a completed home study, then you can fill out a web inquiry (located on the CONTACT US page) requesting information. BYSAC will email you information about service provided as well as information about application process. 

10. Does BYSAC have a waitlist? BYSAC does not keep a waitlist; however, application availability is based on current caseload. Therefore, if there is no availability for families, then BYSAC will not release an application to a family.

11. We need a family profile book. Is this something that you assist us with? Absolutely! If you would like someone to do your profile for you, I highly recommend Home Sweet Home Adoption Profiles by Katie Temple. She is not only a great artistic and amazing person, but she is also an adoptive mom! If you prefer to do your own profile book, I suggest using Mixbook. Once you are a client, I will review your profile book and make edit suggestions and provide feedback (if needed). If you would like to contact Katie, her website is

*Please note that BYSAC does not work with birth parent(s) and does not place children.

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